iTexMo APIs is ideal for all developers or students who wants to add SMS BLASTING capability for their project. No modem, sim cards or hardware and special codes needed! Just a simple request and your message will be sent instantly!

Not a developer? No problem! We also offer special services to blast all your messages to your clients without any technical things to worry. Just email us your client numbers, message template and we'll do the rest for you!

Awesome Features

Very easy to integrate SMS API! Just Copy paste our pre-made scripts and your good to go!

100% SMS Delivery Rate. Applies to Our Sender ID Packages.

  • Easy Integration

    A simple POST Request to our API Endpoints will get your message delivered. There are also ready made functions and script to copy paste to your project for easier integration available for VB.NET, PHP, C#.

  • MyApiCode Dashboard

    Easily manage and see insights about your ApiCode and SMS Servers using our realtime Dashboard. Review message logs and server status you name it.

  • Privacy

    Privacy is something we take very seriously at iTexMo. As such, we won't sell or rent your number to third parties. We also make sure your message logs and information are safe.

Why Choose us?

Simply because we are the only SMS API provider in the Philippines that offers this service lineup.

YES! SMS is still the best way to connect with people because not all of us have a smartphone connected to the internet at all times. Admit it, SMS is the quickest and easiest way to connect with your market.

  • 72,164 Total ApiCodes Issued
  • 2,143 Active ApiCodes
  • 40,000,000 SMS Delivered Monthly
  • 80000SMS per minute capability
  • 7 Years since inception

iTexMo started on June 2014 as a FREE text Windows Aplication. Later, the WebWidget was born to allow people send sms to their love ones using their pc or smartphone browser.
Then on January 2015 we realized that it would be better if we allow other developers to connect to our existing system so they can send sms easily without the need of hardware especially students who are doing their thesis. Then months later, it became a hit to students and developers nationwide.

Payment Options

Choose from multiple payment options that you prefer.

Get Started Today

To start, you will need an ApiCode that will give you access to our APIs and SMS Portal.