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Package ID and Name Package id: TRIAL ---> Trial ApiCode | Price: 0 MONTHLY | Server: Shared | MaxChar: up to 100 | MMpD: 10
Initial Fees Php 0
Price/Plan 0 MONTHLY
Max SMS Characters
The maximum characters per SMS you can send on a single request.
up to 100
SMS Servers Count
The number of SMS Server Dedicated to you.
Max SMS Credits per day
The maximum SMS credits you can use per day. This counter resets every 12AM. Please do note that we count SMS based on the credit used.

000 - 160 characters = 1 CREDIT
161 - 306 characters = 2 CREDITS
307 - 459 characters = 3 CREDITS

* You can add multiple server per account to improve sending rate and increase daily SMS credits. Please contact us for details.
Shared, Dedicated or Direct.

"Shared Server" is an SMS server shared between other Standard and Trial ApiCode Users. Outgoing rate is not as good as the "Dedicated Server" especially on peak hours.
"Dedicated Server" is an SMS server dedicated just for you. Outgoing SMS rate is better and Gateway number is only used by you.
"Direct Server" is Telco direct. High output rate.
Set message priorities No
Receive SMS Replies? No
Footer Sent Via iTexMo.com trial ApiCode. Do not reply.
Has Sender ID? No
TOTAL: Php 0